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Homestead Updates and Homeschooling Planner Sample!

Planner Cover
Monthly Label Tabs

Monthly Label Tabs

This time of year seems to be very busy. That's because it IS very busy!

We started our indoor seeds using a soil blocker this year- a first for us! So far, it's been a wonderful change from the usual peat pots, plastic pots, or other makeshift containers we've planted in before; Just pack in some dampened dirt, compress, plant your seed, and voila! Simple. I like simple.

We are also getting prepared for our first dairy goat to kid out next month (April) That means mucking out the barn, trimming hooves, and royally spoiling the girls with freshly emerged forage and hay and slowly getting them used to grain for when they're on the milking stand.

I'm also working on launching our Homeschooling Planner! So far, we are still on track to launch by the end of May! That said, I have been tweaking layout, and technical issues and I thought as a kindness, I'd show you what I've been working on. If you click on the "More Info" Tab on our website, you can click the link to download a free sample for the month of April!

The pretty monthly tabs arrived in the mail today, so I was very pleased to see that the colors coordinated with those already in my layout. I'm pleased with how things are progressing and I've been learning a lot in the process. I hope to have a working prototype completed by the end of April.

BUT- all of that is said with the caveat of, "if the Lord wills." because this is a very busy season for our family anyway with all of the springtime chores and animal tasks, plus everything else on our schedule. I was very convicted about my attitude the other day, as it occurred to me that I had led my attitude in relationship to my children take a back seat to the work I had prioritized to accomplish. Children are perennially unruly, and counterproductive; but that should never be my main thing. My role as wife and mother is my utmost priority, and if I cannot do that well, I have to reprioritize. While I love working on this passion project of mine, I have to continually remind myself not to allow it to become the main thing.

That said, I must see about a trip to the park with my little lovelies.

More later!