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The Kids are Here!

Luna had 2 sweet little bucklings this afternoon. The birthd were textbook smooth, optimal positioning of both kids, and no interventions we're required! Praise God!

The thing that has us scratching our heads is the percentage chance of her birthing only males 2 years in a row. Last year, she had ShaggyMaple Tumnus, and this year, she had another two bucklings, one almost solid white, the other golden.

The white one was born first, followed nearly 30 minutes later by his golden brother. The kids are the result of an AI breeding between HigherGround Luna (3/4 British Guernsey) and Swind Paco (GG). Both babies are 7/8ths British Guernsey.

Now, we're prayerfully considering how to shuffle our barnyard as we can't realistically keep 3 males on the homestead- it kinda defeats the purpose of a dairy, as obviously, males don't produce milk ... So...

Your continued prayers and support are much appreciated as we weigh our options!

Meanwhile, we'll appreciate the cuteness overflowing our homestead.