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Homestead Update: Imminent Arrivals

Baby Bunnies
Today is another beautiful late spring day on the homestead, starting to feel more like summer. The last of the spring blooms are fading, and the heat and the insects are here in full force.

Some exciting news- we officially registered silver fox breeders with ARBA! I've spent the morning familiarizing myself with the organization and looking for shows near us...which are actually few and far between. But, it's nice to get to look at everything and think about 2023, even if we don't make it to any shows this year.

With Saturday marking day 28 of the gestation of our silver fox does, it's time to build a 2nd nest box! We had one prepared for our doe, Heather. But this time around, we believe both Heather and Abigail are expecting! So we're building another just in the hope that both were successfully bred. Both does are due to kindle around 5/24/2022.

I promise, I'm working on the pedigrees for the baby bunnies. I've had some pregnancy happenings of my own to prepare for so I've been much preoccupied with that and resting as much as possible to prevent any pre-term labor. It's difficult to maintain yard and garden while technically "bed resting" and wishful thinking doesn't actually cut my grass or weed my garden. So things are looking wild and unruly, for sure. But- my long term goal is not pristine, but practical, and functional. And being nearly 9 months pregnant and avoiding labor contractions does not lend itself to either of those things. So, life is what it is right now and I'm more interested in my health and wellbeing and that of my baby than the overall aesthetic of my homestead. ???????

All of that to say, the first litter of baby bunnies are weaned and available for purchase up until 6/12/22!

We have 7 blacks (_ does, _ bucks) and 1 chocolate buck. ***They're all litter mates, so they're not available as breeding trios.***

Send us an email or farm inquiry or give us a call to make a deposit and/or arrange for pickup.