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Honoring God in all we do on the homestead

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Welcome to our new website!

We're very excited to be utilizing a new platform! For those of you who have been following us at Wholly Holy Living for a long time, we're glad you're here! For those of you who are new to Shaggy Maple, welcome! We hope that we can continue to share our homesteading adventures with all of you, and continue to do so all to God's glory.

We're still learning the platform, and figuring out how to flesh out the website so that it's easily navigable, and also beautiful! Because we value the good, the true, and the beautiful here.

For those of you who are new, let me take a moment to introduce you to SMH/WHL.

Our blogging adventure began back in 2015. As an outlet and means of chronicling our trek into homesteading and "back to the land" living, we built a blog called Wholly Holy Living. In 2016, we purchased a 5 acre piece of land in East Tennessee, and began the arduous process of equipping it to grow food, not lawns, and house livestock. We started with a few small gardens, 4 fruit trees, and 9 laying hens. As of 2022, we have expanded into Guernsey dairy goats, of which we have two 3/4 British Guernsey does, and one 7/8 British Guernsey whether buck. Our chicken flock has expanded to 13 laying hens and two roosters, and we just began our silver fox rabbitry in 2021.

With now over 1900 square feet of back to Eden gardens (which truthfully is a stretch to maintain!), a chestnut, apple, and plum orchard, and 9 other varieties of fruit and nut trees, and as of 2021, a small market garden, we daily look around us at what the Lord has enabled us to do with this piece of property, and we are amazed and astounded at the growth He's given. While we are still growing, waiting, and learning, we hope to share that experience with you, and inspire you to take your own leap of faith into growing your own food in whatever capacity you're able.

Welcome to Shaggy Maple Homestead, where we are striving to honor God in all we do on the homestead!

God bless!