Shaggy Maple Homestead

Honoring God in all we do on the homestead

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Guernsey Goats

Doe (female)

Doe (female) 4 yrs Pale gold  
Not for Sale
Doe (female) 3 yrs Pale gold  
Not for Sale

Kid (male)

First kid born on our homestead: 7/8 Gue
Kid (male) 1 yr Mid gold

Kid Wether (male)

Kid Wether (male) Under 1 yr Pale gold

Silver Fox Rabbits


Male 2 yrs Black
Not for Sale
Male 1 yr Black, silvered
Stud Fee: $35.00


Female 4 yrs Blue
Not for Sale
Female 1 yr Black
Not for Sale
Female Under 1 yr Black